October 22nd, 2013

The Librarian

Knitting progress: The Null Hypothesis

Didn't get to put in as much time on this as I'd hoped over the past week ... I realized last night though that I am past the halfway point of the first chart (have completed row 48, there are 84 rows per chart). Definitely crazy to do something like this with such thin yarn and tiny (2.75 mm diameter) needles, but gonna be oh-so-worth-it! :-)

The Librarian

Even day again!

Jonathan Gash's "Lovejoy" series is fairly well-known, though it's likely another case of more people have seen the television series than read the novels. But he's also written a much darker, grittier crime series set in Manchester and featuring a most unlikely pairing ... Dr. Clare Burtonall, a cardiologist, and a rather odd and strangely unworldly escort agency prostitute known only as Bonn. These books aren't for the easily squicked ... the Manchester underworld is a violent place and Gash doesn't candy coat that. But the characters and stories make it well worth visiting. From "Different Women Dancing":
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The books in the Burtonall/Bonn series, in order, are:
Different Women Dancing
Prey Dancing
Die Dancing
Bone Dancing
Blood Dancing