September 21st, 2013

The Librarian


Just finished binding off the Flaming Penguin!!! Still have ends to weave in and while the main shawl doesn't appear to need any blocking (one of the advantages of garter stitch), that little leaf at the tip does. It's a very nice size for wrapping too, with the long edge being just shy of six feet, and has a lovely drape thanks to the bias angle of the stitches. Daylight's already dimming here so photos will have to wait until tomorrow.
The Librarian

Now THIS is a sweater!

Another no-I'm-not-going-to, but it's too cool not to share: Embrace Octopus

What I AM doing is yarn winding for the Bamf ... the blue is wound, I'm partway through the black, red is next. And I remembered that I had a ball of perfect-weight, off-white Cascade 220 in my stash that I can use for the gloves and boots! So the "kit" is complete! :-)