September 7th, 2013


Yet another breakfast "Foreigner" tease

It has always amused me that, despite his occasional moaning about television being a bad influence on people's behaviour, Banichi apparently learned Mosphei' by watching pirated human sitcoms. And picked up other notions along with the language. I keep hoping that someday Cherryh lets him do what he proposed here because I want to see that performance. XD From "Precursor":
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The Librarian


Am currently listening to the Dhol Foundation's Big Drum Small World album for the first time and WOW! Already love Johnny Kalsi as a solo performer and as part of both Afro Celt Sound System and The Imagined Village, but this is the first time I've heard him in company with other dhol players ... amazing sound! I suspect more dhol and bhangra will be finding its way into my music library very soon. :-)

Kalsi is only in the framing bits at the beginning and end of this one but it's just fun!