August 15th, 2013

The Librarian

More squishy goodness in the mailbox tonight!

This time from Raventwist, an indie dyer living in Banff ... she's the one who created the splendid colourways I used in my Faroese shawl. Unlike Indigodragonfly, Raventwist has no standard list of always-available colourways ... if you love it you have to get it or forget it because each colour theme group is only available for a few months. Four skeins of Rowen (100% superwash merino fingering) from the Arabian Nights collection: "Talking Bird", "Olive" and two skeins of "Sinbad".

The Librarian

My bank balance may be in danger ...

Indigodragonfly just launched their new website with a built-in store and everything! Lovely to be able to see everything that's actually available ("Desperately Seeking Sauron"! LOL!) and it's a big step forward in this being an official business and livelihood, but I 'fess a bit of me will always miss the old system of blog posts of new stock and writing emails to place orders ... that was always a fun part of the Indigodragonfly experience. Though I'm sure the new traditions that will come into being will be just as much if not more fun.