August 5th, 2013


Another "Foreigner" flashback

Another of those Moments I Have Loved. This was the one that made it click for me that while humans perceive the whole notion of professional assassins in a certain way ... as somebody paid to commit murder ... to the atevi it's just an ordinary everyday legal profession. That doesn't provide one any special exemption from personal hassles. From "Invader" (volume 2):
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I keep hoping that someday plot will lead to Bren meeting Tano's father in relation to some development project. That'd be ... interesting. ;p
The Librarian


Just finished watching a "Last of the Summer Wine" special I've not seen before. From "The Man Who Nearly Knew Pavarotti":

Compo: He's a world class idiot.
Clegg: I like him.
Compo: You always like idiots.
Clegg: *considers* That's true. But look at the practice I get.
Compo: *nods in agreement, then doubletakes as it dawns on him that he's part of the "practice"*

Entire special here ... this one's a gem among gems ...

The Librarian

Long weekend checklist

Get lease renewed so still have place to live: check (plus bonus of renewal rebate promotion that management happens to have on at the moment = $500.00 off my first month's rent on the new lease!)
Get annual eye exam so will be permitted to purchase new supply of contact lenses: check (my lucky weekend, obviously ... the doc had me go walkabout in the mall wearing a sample pair of "new edition" of the type of contacts I've been wearing to see how they were for me and they were good = two!!! rebates for going with new product)
Get new battery in watch so I'll know what time it is again: Check (no financial benefits from that one, but since picked it up during contacts walkabout, I got to use the tiny engraving on the back as test that I could still read miniscule print)
Drop into Northern Reflections after optometrist visit since it's in the same mall and get a couple pairs of jeans before my existing pairs wear out: Well, dropped in yes. Lots of jeans ... store had every size and length they stock except mine. :-( Will check again when optometrist phones that my ordered contacts are in ... hopefully they'll have restock by then.
Extra bonus: visited HMV in mall and got the "Last of the Summer Wine" 1995 Reserve Vintage DVD (containing the special I just watched along with an entire season of regular episodes) and also the season 1 DVD of Stephen Fry's "Kingdom". If it's going to continue to rain just about every day for the rest of this summer, at least I'll have new entertainment in reserve. ;p