July 14th, 2013

The Librarian

There's nothing quite like Andy Hamilton

Re-listening to some of his "Old Harry's Game" while doing computer stuff this morning; shall never ever ever tire of lines like: "You should put entrails back in the person where you found them." (it's his delivery ... nobody can say stuff like this quite like Hamilton)

(of course listening to this is just making me wish for more seasons of that show and also for the third and fourth seasons of his "Revolting People" to show up for purchase in the AudioGo store)
The Librarian

Built-in pleats

Seeing anotheranon's weekend sewing project reminded me of the existence of this: The Issey Scarf. I may end up buying the pattern one day just to satisfy my curiosity about how the stitch construction works (I'm familiar with two other stitch combos that will form pleats but this doesn't resemble either of those ... they form soft, barely-there folds while this is quite sharp and deep)