June 30th, 2013

Garrett, P.I.

And now I likely have to wait at least three years for the next one ... :-(

Started the new Garrett book early Friday evening and finished around 5:00 p.m. yesterday; it's a much heftier book than any of the previous volumes, in both pagination and complexity of tale. Oooooo ... such a story! Romance, murder, politics, conspiracy, scandal, history, scams, and all-round mayhem. In other words, typical tasty Garrett fare (though I did think Cook was REALLY pissed off at his creation for a while). And this new case follows, chronologically, not too long after the events of the previous book, so a couple of characters are still suffering the aftereffects from then (one of the reasons I love this series is that the world and its characters don't get "reset to normal" after the last page as if nothing happened to them ... wounds, both physical and mental, take time ... and volumes ... to heal)

Honestly can't say a word about anything in the plot without spoilering something in the longrunning storyline that begins in the first book (and I know I've piqued at least one interest in reading these with my previous post ... don't wanna derail that). So shall just say that Cook has still got it and if I knew where I could get my hands on a dependable time machine, I'd be chasing down volume fifteen right now)

Hmmm ... maybe I should start a series of Garrett teases on even-numbered days ...