June 24th, 2013

The Librarian

The unexpected sweetness of strangers :-)

I ordered two extra cables for my interchangeable needles (the pretty handmade wood ones) over the weekend ... y'know, so I can have a couple more half-finished knitting projects that I'm trying to do all at once (actually I need a longer cable to continue one of my in-progress shawls ... the stitches are dangerously overcrowded on the current one leaving very little of the needle tips free for actual knitting). Quite surprised when I opened my email after getting home from work today and discovered, along with the expected invoice and shipping notice, a personal note from the needlemaker's wife/business partner asking whether the flooding had affected me and telling me that she'd decided to charge me only the wholesale price of the cables instead of their regular retail price ... "because I can"

Made me day, that did. :-)
The Librarian

Flood update

The Bow River crested here sometime yesterday, the water has been receding fast ever since and most evacuees have been cleared to go home. Downtown is still closed, so public transit still disrupted ... all the streets and rail lines will have to be safety checked before regular services resume. Then it's on to the mud shoveling and repairs.

Floodwaters are also now receding in Medicine Hat, the fourth largest city in Alberta, which is downriver from Calgary. A considerable chunk of the Hat is the floodplain, so even though smaller than this place their damages are likely to be greater. :-(