May 25th, 2013

The Librarian

Saturday morning errands

Dashed out to shop during a brief sunny break in our current rainy weather**, got halfway down the stairs and remembered to dash back and get my shoes to take to the repair shop (last attempt they were closed for a family thing), got to the other end of the block and a sign in the window says the shoe repair has moved. They're now next door to work instead of practically next door to home! As in: out the front door of the warehouse, across our parking lot, and there they will be, right next to the takeout shwarma place. ;p Must remember to take shoes to work with me on Tuesday as the small family businesses around here follow the old tradition of being closed on Mondays. So on to the next stop ... came out of the butcher shop laden with chicken thighs, bacon, both apple and traditional breakfast sausauges, eggs, slices of old-fashioned ham from their deli for weekend sandwiches, and pain au chocolate. And then two doors down to the bakery for fresh-baked sandwich buns to go with the ham ... yum!

Now if only there was a place selling fresh fruit and veggies over there to supplement the butcher shop (they sell onions and potatoes year 'round, but the carrots, beans, peas, etc. are seasonal and supplies depend on what the local Hutterite colonies have to spare), I'd hardly ever have to set foot in an actual grocery store. :-)

Need to go to the bank as well, but since that's either waiting at transit stops or a much longer walk and there's a definite promise of it raining most of the afternoon and evening, with a strong chance of thunderstorm thrown in, I think I'll wait until the next few hours of sunshine that are supposed to happen tomorrow morning.

And now, coin toss: the to-read-pile or the to-knit pile?

** 1. An umbrella restricts one's carrying capacity by occupying one hand. 2. Point #1 is currently moot as my ancient and long-serving umbrella finally got irreparably turned inside out ... a couple of ribs actually snapped this time ... in a sudden hard wind gust after work yesterday and I need to either find a dealer of decent non-cheapo brollies in this burg or else I have the fallback of online ordering this gem (the more joints an umbrella has, the greater the chance that a wind gust will destroy it, so compact/collapsing models are a waste of money, especially here in the chinook zone ... full-size traditional styles that simply fold down from the top to cover the entire handle are a far better investment).