May 21st, 2013


A bit of "Foreigner" silliness along with the tease

Over at Cherryh's blog, folks are celebrating the writing progress of the sixteenth volume by coming up with title suggestions (a "Foreigner" title must be a descriptive noun ending in -er or -or. Frivolity is encouraged. Past titles are "Foreigner", "Invader", "Inheritor", "Precursor", "Defender", "Explorer", "Destroyer", "Pretender", "Deliverer", "Conspirator", "Deceiver", "Betrayer", "Intruder", "Protector", and the to-be-published-in-2014 "Peacemaker" (v. 15)

And the tease, from volume 12
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The Librarian

More squooshy things in my mailbox

Three skeins of Indigodragonfly's MCN Sport (80% superwash merino/10% cashmere/10% nylon) in a special limited colourway called "Canoe Up To The Beer Store". The name makes sense in context ... this colourway is a fund raiser for flood relief in the dyers' neighbourhood (they're far enough from the river to have escaped unscathed but the local beer store was inundated) ... the initial run of the colour sold out on the day it was posted (mine's from the second dyeing) and a hefty amount was donated within a couple of days (province promised 2:1 matching of all donations so the amount going to the relief fund is triple what was raised)

Once again the camera can't do it justice ... it's the shimmering colours of deep, dark water made fibre. And the FEEL of it ... ooo, cashmere! Knew what this was going to be made into the moment I saw the colour: Parquet Tiles