May 15th, 2013

The Librarian


Have been flipping through "Megafauna" just to get the feel of it and had my eye caught by something that guarantees that I'll be checking for any other books the authors have written (Ursus arctos, BTW, is the brown bear):

"Ursus, incidentally, is Latin for "bear," as is arctos in Greek; so Ursus arctos therefore means, rather emphatically "bear bear." The Arctic was named after the bear, rather than the other way around -- which, we suppose, makes the Antarctic the antibear (our apologies -- we couldn't resist)."

The only thing better than an academic book written in comfortably readable style is an academic book written in a comfortably readable style with a sense of humour. It's something I know I can expect from Donald Prothero (author of the other book I received today) ... bliss to discover three others who favour doing this in one go. :-)