May 7th, 2013


Now that hadesgirl ...

... has informed me that she's finished reading "Explorer", I can finally ask this (knew linzday was already past this point a while ago, but didn't want to spoiler Gigi).

Considering how Banichi took out Jenrette: running full-tilt down a corridor, "hitting the brakes" (and that's a lot of mass to be stopping fast), and getting off that split second, accurate shot the moment he had a sliver of visible target ...

Banichi or River Tam ... who could do the math first? ;-)

C'mon, I HAD to ask this. Personally, after considering this for a while, my money's on Nichi-ji ... his mathematical abilities are genetic and instinctive to his species as well as to himself as an individual, which I think gives him an edge over learned/programmed no matter how much innate talent is behind it. Opinions?