April 5th, 2013

The Librarian

Oh goody!!!

According to Environment Canada we're supposed to have a thunderstorm overnight. While it's -5C

I am SO looking forward to trying to slide walk anywhere tomorrow morning. Especially as by then it's supposed to be snowing again.
The Librarian

Laying in supplies for when my leisure time returns ...

Four gorgeous new skeins of Indigodragonfly yarn are about to be headed my way ... in a switch from usual procedure colourway names are yet to be announced, but you can see my soon-to-be-treasures here (2 skeins of OctoBaa, 1 skein of Merino Silk 4-Ply Sock, and 1 skein of Bleats, Shoots & Leaves Sock)

Also got a notice that my set of Heavy Metals has shipped so shiny new fibre tools will also soon be mine.

And, once this month is over, anyone who interferes in any way with my goofing off runs a serious risk of being stabbed with my OLD needles! The bamboo ones. Just 'cause I could make those splintery-snap off in the wound if I really tried. ;p

P.S. Speaking of leisure time, I am sensibly treating myself to some tonight ... tonight I am currently nearly finished chapter 16 of Protector (Kobo edition ... still no print copies shown up at work). For those who are still catching up ... you really REALLY want to get to this volume. REALLY!!! I'm definitely going to be re-devouring the tale via the paper edition as soon as that does show up. :-)