March 24th, 2013

The Librarian

Knitting progress ...

Been very much in shawl mode lately ... like most knitters I wear them as scarves and with winter still hanging on like it's the dawn of the next glacial epoch, it's nice to have a variety on hand. Really need to get back into socks (I have three pairs in progress that haven't been touched for ages) but the brain and hands just haven't been up to that small-scale work for a while (the needles I knit socks on are 2mm in diameter). That might change soon though ... I've a set of the new Heavy Metal Needles on the way. If they're anywhere near as magical as their wood counterparts, and the word is that they are, I may be newly motivated and turning heels soon! :-)

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    "Last of the Summer Wine", Vintages 1988 and 1989
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The Librarian

Yay! Yay! Yay!

Volume 14 of the Garrett P.I. series IS coming out this summer: Wicked Bronze Ambition!!! I find this series just as addictive as "Foreigner" ... I'm a sucker for well-developed characters and cultures and political/social backgrounds that evolve more depth and complexity with every volume. Oh, and very good plots. Though I do wish somebody would explain to the various cover artists that Garrett really hates wearing hats ... ;p
The Librarian


'cause the scene where they're talking about fur hunting with ferrets in Canada cracks me up every time I see/hear it ... no matter how many times ...