December 9th, 2012

The Librarian

Canadians' favourite topic

Well, it's truly winter here now ... we've had snow cover stay on the ground for nearly a month, despite quite a few above freezing days, but yesterday was the first significant windchill: a lovely little -27C that made me decide to abandon my plan to walk to work and take the bus over there instead (it's only a 20-25 minute walk depending on traffic lights, but with the north wind in my face the whole way)

At the moment we're at -19C with a -28C windchill, that's unlikely to improve at all before bedtime, and I have absolutely no reason or need to go outside all day! Yay! Now just faced with the major dilemma of whether to spend the day snuggled up reading Marvel's Messiah Complex/Messiah War/Second Coming graphic trilogy or the two recent Barbara Hambly vampire novels (new James & Lydia Asher and Don Simon Ysidro stories!), all of which are in my to-read pile. And do I want my accompanying caffeine via hot chocolate or Mokate? Decisions, decisions ... ;p

(okay, decision #1 is I have to run updates to the book section of the JLS Collections webpage so I can link to the books I mentioned above ... getting that in motion right now ...)
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