December 2nd, 2012

The Librarian

A treat found in my mailbox a few days ago ...

Two skeins of Indigodragonfly Merino Silk 4ply Sock (50% superwash merino, 50% silk) in the Knitty Anniversary colourway (deep breath now):
50 Shades of Bazinga; or, When Your Stitch Count is Off, Your Skein is 2 Yards Shorter Than the Pattern, and the Yarn Gods Have Decided Now is the Time for a Needle Malfunction
My skeins look paler than the official photo because of the high silk content ... I knew that would happen when I made my fibre choice and they've turned out exactly as I wanted; believe me, there's still a lot of colour vibrancy in the yarn when viewed in RL. The evil plan is to turn all that pretty string into this: Anne Hanson's Pea Vines. Only mine will be sweet pea vines because my skeins are all the colours of the leaves and flowers of sweet peas. :-)

The Librarian


Carolyn: Douglas, call me a cynical old bat ...
Douglas: (draws breath)
Carolyn: Don't even think about it! But is it entirely without the bounds of possibility that you have an ulterior motive for this trip going ahead?
Douglas: Carolyn, I hope you know me better than that. At any given moment I never have fewer than seven ulterior motives in play.

There's going to be a fourth season of Cabin Pressure recorded in January ... lots more exchanges between devious Douglas and (rightfully-in-his case) suspicious Carolyn to look forward to!

P.S. Some sample clips here if you've never heard the show before.