October 21st, 2012

The Librarian

Have just added ...

... a LibraryThing widget to my JLS' Collections page. You can click on any cover image that catches your eye and be taken to the LibraryThing public info for that book. The widget, being a primitive little thing, only cycles through about 24 covers from my personal library at a time, but if you hit "refresh" it'll switch to a different 24 (you can also, of course, search/browse my book collection via the links above the widget ... there's more details in those)
The Librarian

A very good reading weekend ... while watching the snow arrive

Started out on Friday night with Mignola/Golden's novella Father Gaetano's Puppet Catechism and then, as soon as I'd finished that on Saturday morning, immediately picked up Ajvide-Lindqvist's Little Star ... both tales extremely well-written and satisfyingly disturbing; I was in the mood for stories with some darkness to them and these both satisfied that craving. Now that's out of my system and tonight I've begun reading something a little lighter for "dessert" ... Pratchett & Baxter's The Long Earth. So far, so intriguing ... :-)