September 30th, 2012

The Librarian

Knitting progress

Am now knitting Vlad's ninth pair of "ribs" (the pattern only calls for seven but I've got lots of this yarn) ... then I start the fancier pattern of the edging. Did some experiments 'cause the thing just looks so damn small as is ... I know lace GROWS, but wanted to have an idea of how much. Turns out that an inch of Vlad will stretch out to something like two and a half inches, both vertically and horizontally, so this little lump of weird ridges and bumps that currently so resemble vertebrae and ribs is gonna block out into a decently large piece of lace (second photo down is a by-the-pattern 7-rib example). Maybe by the time it's finished I'll manage a colour-true picture as well ... in RL this yarn is darker and more burgundy than red, and contains a zillion subtle shadings thanks to the different wools picking up the dye in varying saturations.

The Librarian

Cow week

From back in August, but makes a valid point: The animals continually promoted as "dangerous" are not the ones most hazardous to your health.

I grew up on a dairy farm where we also raised some beef cattle as a sideline ... from firsthand knowledge I agree that they ARE creatures best approached with caution as even the non-hostile ones are damned big and don't necessarily know their own strength (the few that DO ... well, be prepared to fight back because they WILL use it)