September 15th, 2012

The Librarian

A little morbid humour ...

For some reason today it occurred to me that I hadn't listened to the Eric Bogle CD this song is on for ages (gonna remedy that tonight) ... and then discovered this marvelous live version on YouTube. Even though I already own a recording of the studio version of the song (and have shared it online in the past 'cause I remember somebody loving the "meow!"), I may have to hunt down whatever recording this one is from just to have the hilarious introduction on tap ... one can never hear too many variations on a good tune, after all. ;-)

The Librarian


This is why so many knitting progress photos end up in my LJ ... it's not that I'm trying to bore people with piccies of stitches (and it's gratifying that so many are entertained or made curious by 'em), it's part of my avoid-having-to-do-surgery process. Looking at the work live is the simplest method (and knowing about other peoples' disasters similar to that blog entry is one reason I flatten out and check my projects-in-progress a LOT), but I find that having the photos in my LJ has the effect of making me see that identical view differently and helps me detect/check anything that looks wonky.

This knitter has so far managed to avoid performing "surgery" during her many years in the craft and prefers to keep it that way. ;p
The Librarian

A moment of moderate insanity ...

Have been reading by the window (that "Best of Kage Baker" anthology I acquired a short time back), enjoying today's crisp fall air and the sound of breeze through the leaves (which are still green!) over the low burble of the Saturday afternoon jazz and blues programs on the radio, and thinking in the back of my brain, every time I glance up and see that purple and green shawl which is currently draped over the armchair across the room, how VERY nice that particular yarn was to work with ...

And so, somehow, on the way to the kitchen to fire up the kettle for some tea, I've just been into the Rocky Mountain Dyeworks website and ordered the six remaining skeins of Mt. Sparrowhawk Sock that were in their online store (scroll about 2/3 way down to see the colours ... they're the ones that, at this typing, don't yet say "sold out": "Adonis Blue","Citrine", "Dandelion", "Dark Opal", "Falling Leaves", and "Red Hot Pink").

It was the yarn fumes, I'm tellin' ya ... they're serious mind control agents ... ;p