August 27th, 2012

The Librarian

Further progress ...

I really need to start shopping for a camera that does better on close-up fine detail (yes, that does mean I'll be hauling knitting to electronics stores and wanting to test results before I buy ***grin***). Now that the purple/green combo section is nearly done I was trying to capture the geometric pattern formed by the two colours (in RL it's easily visible). Weird lighting didn't help either ... we've got haze caused by distant fires and the whole world looks somewhat yellowish and overexposed right now. Ah well, you'll just have to take my word for it that the patterning exists and this isn't just a random colour jumble. ;p Eight more rows (four of each colour) and then the next and final section is just the green.

The Librarian

For those who love a good spoof ...

... is offering burn-on-demand DVDs of The Last Remake of Beau Geste. It always amuses me that there was never another movie version of "Beau Geste" made after this film (according to IMDB, though there was a TV miniseries in 1982) ... it's still the last remake. XD

P.S. Another fun nod to "Beau Geste" is George Macdonald Fraser's short story "Bo Geesty", published in his anthology: McAuslan in the Rough