March 27th, 2012


"Foreigner" progress ...

Close to a third of the way through "Explorer" (volume six) now and have realized that I obviously hadn't gotten as far in the series as I thought I had the first time 'round ... there's absolutely NO way I would have forgotten a roomful of atevi assassins and household staff laughing themselves silly watching an old black-and-white Godzilla movie or Bren and Jago coming up with their own version of a mile-high club (sex during a spaceship's faster-than-light transition) or paper airplane experiments and remote control racecar competitions in spaceship corridors. Scenes like these simply don't slip the mind and discovering them now makes me doubly glad that I'm playing reading catch up and discovering all these splendid little Cherryh moments. :-) (yes, there's all the usual drama and suspense and politicking and careful maneuvering through interspecies communications that is the hallmark of "Foreigner" too, but it's those little moments that make characters worth being interested in).

Much as I'm eagerly and rapidly moving forward in this tale, I'm gonna be sorry when it's over; so glad there's at least two more volumes yet to be published ... based on the assumption that Cherryh plans to continue the pattern of trilogies within a larger arc.