March 22nd, 2012

The Librarian

If we can't have spring, we'll "make" it ...

Dropped into the local Ten Thousand Villages on my way home from work to replenish my hot chocolate supplies (we're covered with snow yet again up here, with more on the way tonight and tomorrow) and took a few minutes to browse the jewellery wall as I hadn't done that for a while.

Came home with a pair of these pretty peacock earrings. Interesting construction ... a piece of coil spring is bent 'round into a teardrop shape, then three different colours of thread are used to make ministure string art to (way nicer than the '70s version), using the gaps between the coils as anchor points (the artisan even mirror-imaged the direction of the pattern so there are distinct left and right earrings rather than two identical ones ... those little details are important).

Also have acquired quinoa and vegetable soup and some dried pineapple to try (the food line is new ... previously all they sold were coffee beans, teas, and chocolate bars)

The sun is out now ... wonder if the current snow will manage to get melted away before the next "delivery" arrives ...