March 19th, 2012


Pretty things in the mail today!

Pretty yarns, that is ... not from Indigodragonfly (who, BTW, posted some Harry Potter colours today ... "Hagrid the Horrible" ***snicker***) ... but far too scumptious to pass up (silk!). Shall have to wait to take photos as weird overcast is giving the daylight that tone that I know will make everything look yellowish, which simply won't do justice to colourways of "Belgian Chocolate", "Fruit Coulis", and "Bronze".

Also finished Lintilla last night, but today's daylight won't be flattering to photos of that either. Listened to all four seasons of Bleak Expectations over the weekend while knitting and doing other odds and ends about the place ... brilliant, witty, and hilarious. Can't wait to listen to the whole thing again! (for the "Buffy" fans, Anthony "Giles" Head is fantastic as the evil Mr. Gently Benevolent)

And am about 1/4 of way into "Inheritor" (Foreigner volume 3) ... don't know WHY it took me so long to get around to re-reading these books when it's such an enjoyable and fast "job." ;-)

The sun made a brief appearance ...

Lintilla looks a different colour in every photo I've ever taken of it ... and every one of those photos is accurate. This yarn's colour-to-the-eye shifts with every change of angle and light. You'll have to click on the piccies through to the close-up view to properly see how colourful it really is.

The three new skeins are all either hand-painted or hand-dyed. The bronze silk/wool/seacell, amazingly, has a slight haze of verdigris green overlaying the "metal" colours at certain angles ... now THAT's authentic!

Yarn from Yarn from "The Sweet Sheep"

Colinette Jitterbug sock yarn: 100% merino, "Fruit Coulis" colourway

Sheepaints Sock'n Go: 75% wool, 25% polyamid, "Belgian Chocolate" colourway

Handmaiden Great Big Sea: 50% silk, 30% wool, 20% seacell (fibre made from seaweed), "Bronze" colourway