March 5th, 2012

The Librarian

Strange things, in more than one sense ...

Quite puzzled today to find that my mailbox contained a huge envelope with no return address and a Royal Mail postage sticker affixed to it. Thing wasn't properly sealed either ... amazing that the contents were still within. Said contents turned out to be a print catalogue from AudioGo ... guess they've noticed that I've been buying downloads from them. ;p Rather a cool surprise as I might spot something nifty flipping through its pages that wouldn't necessarily pop up in my online searches of their wares.

Hidden behind it was a much smaller package containing Trevor Strong's Very Grimm Fairy Tales, which I posted about a while ago ... finally remembered to actually order a copy. Looking forward to a delightful, and warped, evening's reading. :-)

P.S. The snow has been falling continuously all day, with only a few brief breaks ... the type of tiny desiccated-looking flakes usually associated with much colder temps (we've been around the 0C mark all day). Most oddly, while this type of snow normally swirls a bit or at least falls at a breeze-induced angle, this has all been coming straight down, fast, like a downpour of rain. As if the flakes weigh a lot despite their appearance. Weird.