February 20th, 2012

The Librarian

More knitting progress ...

One of the great sensations in life has gotta be waking up on a Monday morning and rembering that it's part of a long weekend (and thus one gets to admire the overnight deposit of fresh snow through the window instead of going out in it). :-)

Further knitting self-discipline with the goal of getting-stuff-done ... I spent many painstaking hours unpicking several rows of Catkin to fix an error (sometimes you can leave mistakes and call 'em design features ... this particular screwup on my part was, unfortunately, gonna have unattractive patterning repercussions all the way to the end as it messed up the mitred striping in the corners of the thing and looked crappy. And of course I'd misread the chart in the same way on ALL the corners). Once I had the stitches redone correctly, I pushed on well past where I'd been (knitting is MUCH faster than unknitting) and now the vertical "stems" of the orange herringbone section are growing their "catkins". At this stage it's impossible to flatten the whole thing out to show you ... those stitches on the needle cord are all four sides of a large square temporarily manipulated into a single line (you can see the mitre stitches of one corner at the upper left).