February 18th, 2012


Pretty warm things ...

Needs yarn ends woven in and buttons sewn on, but aside from those little details my Peaks Island Hood is finished and, with luck, won't be needed until next winter. Made from Malabrigo Rios in "Archangel" colourway.

And to celebrate that completion I started (and am already close to the halfway mark) a Pogona with scrummy-soft merino/cashmere in Indigodragonfly's "Bright Lights, Big City, Busy Highway, Slow Unicorn" colourway.

Gloves are in a brief timeout ... I've tried and ripped out 2 or 3 different finger methods that were supposed to minimize the hole situation and wasn't entirely happy with any of them; am now waiting for a highly-recommended book on knitted glove construction to arrive before trying again.