January 26th, 2012

The Librarian

Radio to be listened to with the lights on ...

BBC4Extra is rerunning their 70s Vincent Price anthology show, The Price of Fear ... there are six episodes currently up on the site for listening (well you have to be fast for one of them ... there's only 43 minutes remaining, as of this post, before it's no longer available; the others range from one to seven days left to listen).

P.S. If you miss the tight countdown on the episode titled "An Eye for an Eye", it can be listened to at this deadline-free site (along with several other eps)
The Librarian


Dolores does book reviews ... I think the world needs a REAL "Sauron and Sensibility" movie.

(Dolores, BTW, is a partying celebusheep with a bit of drinking problem and an Internet/Twitter presence so strong that it's difficult to decide if she's imaginary or not)