January 22nd, 2012

The Librarian

Lazing away ...

Because the promised supposed-to-happen-overnight-Friday weather change from dangerously cold to thaw didn't happen as scheduled (instead, been sloooowwwwwllllyyyy happening today, taking, on average, three hours per degree for the mercury to climb upward), I've been sequestered indoors with the knitting needles ... left glove now has two completed fingers and I'm partway up #3, purple and orange thing has a lot more orange on it now, and the brown brioche-stitch-topped socks have grown several more rounds of brioche (with more to come before I retire to bed tonight)

During all this I've been marathoning through my newly acquired complete series DVDs of The Last Detective and it's been an absolute joy to watch. Rather different from any other British crime series I've seen ... Peter Davison's "Dangerous" Davies is a gentle-mannered, not-terribly-ambitious cop who sometimes seems a little lost in his current world of impersonal, statistics-oriented policing. But because he sticks to being who he is ... a nice guy who wants to help people and make the world, or at least his corner of it, a better place, his slightly slower pace means he spots clues and connections that others miss, solves crimes that might otherwise have become cold cases or miscarriages of justice, and, slowly, earns a little appreciation and recognition from some of those around him. The continuity of changes/progress in Davies' life and relationships adds even more depth to the character and stories ... very much a sensation of events happening in realtime (rather than showbiz rush time) both within each of the four series and bridging between them. A highly recommended must-watch if the show's not already on your lists. (The Leslie Thomas novels that the series is based on are now on my own lengthy must-read list)