January 15th, 2012

The Librarian

I guess it had to happen eventually ...

After week upon week of warm, very unwintery weather, we've just gotten whalloped with the season we're supposed to be in overnight (it was +3C here yesterday!). All those heavy shawls and scarves I've been making/stockpiling will finally get put to use.

Have mainly been working on purple and orange thing during evenings this week ... had got ten rows into herringbone-patterned orange section and realized that it wasn't herringbone-patterned. Because idiot brain had been on autopilot and reading the back and forth pattern chart as if it were being knitted in the round (makes a HUGE difference, trust me) and so half of the hundreds and hundreds of stitches were wrong. So three of those evenings devoted to carefully unknitting that section stitch-by-stitch (going backwards is slower than going forwards) and then, over Friday night and a chunk of yesterday, finally got myself back to where I'd been. Definitely herringbone now (even if it doesn't show well in the photo).

This delayed progress on my first gloves which are all done except for fingers and thumbs now. But want to be on full brain alertness before carrying on as there is new-skill-leaning involved to keep everything three-dimenionsal and not have any gaps/holes between fingers (there are tricks that can be done in handknitting that factory machine knitting cannot accomplish)

Edited to add better views of what purple and orange thing will be when it grows up ... this pattern page is allegedly supposed to be viewable by non-Rav-members