January 5th, 2012


Knitting progress

Red socks are finished and feel soft and squishy and cozy on the feet. These are a heavier yarn, knitted on larger needles, than I normally use so went fast ... good for extreme cold weather. And FAR nicer to wear than anything a machine could make (there are structural reasons for this ... I can expand on it if anyone is curious). :-)

Besides those, Purple Thing has gained another oak leaf, Purple and Orange Thing now has its striped section finished and I've just started the solid section (not Yarn Harlot's pattern, but hers are the only photos I know of outside Ravelry ... her previous entry about making it (click on the link named "Ego") is SO comforting to other knitters.

Plus I think I FINALLY got the right yarn for Cables After Whiskey ... so far the fabric feels right (this is just a really big test swatch at the moment ... have to measure the gauge, aka # stitches per inch, to see what size I really need to make). And the needles from the red socks looked lonely, so have the very beginnings of my first pair of gloves on 'em now ... I decided the Indigodragonfly colourway "Up Until the Punching It was a Real Nice Party" was perfectly named for gloves ... ;p