January 4th, 2012

The Librarian

Musical furniture

A good day partly spent doing a reshuffle I'd been contemplating for a while ... big bookcase from hallway is now by computer desk in "dining room" where fabric cabinet used to be, fabric cabinet now against kitchen wall where pair of DVD shelving units used to be, DVD shelving units now in hallway. Benefits: hallway gains width and there is room for at least three more DVD units; cookbooks now closer to kitchen and knitting/sewing books & magazines closer to computer for handy Ravelry/My Sewing Circle research, to table used for layout/cutting, and to living room where most knitting happens, plus there's room for another bookcase beside it; fabric cabinet just as close to table as it used to be, but having the bookcase in its old position leaves more human maneuvering room around table. Also sorted/reorganized stationery/computer stuff that also lives in half of top shelf of fabric cabinet (because it was right beside computer desk) and have discarded items only relevant to previous computer ... remainder only occupies 1/3 of top shelf. Refolded fabrics are also better stacked and thus extra space created in other shelves of cabinet. Printer/scanner that used to live on top of cabinet now relocated to top of computer desk (no biggie as current slimline computer/flat monitor take up WAY less space on that than old machine did). Still have peripheral tidying to do, but feeling of place having grown bigger is well established already.

One more thing off the to-do-during-holidays list. :-)