November 19th, 2011

The Librarian


Got a cold weather compensation treat today (besides the pizza that's on its way): The Saint is Heard. Ten hours of a great actor playing one of my favourite fictional characters. There are worse ways to spend a winter weekend.

P.S. Have been flipping through the accompanying guidebook looking at the episode names and, among several alliterative gems, "The Horrible Hamburger" immediately caught my eye. But shall be good and listen to them all in order, knowing that the answer to just how horrible a hamburger (or Hamburger ... entirely possible it's about someone from a certain German city) can be awaits me on disc 6.
The Librarian


Windchill of -30C right now; same forecast for tomorrow. Have decided to stay in and survive on central heating by hot tea rather than trek out to replenish my hot chocolate supplies. Lots of leftovers in fridge plus supplies in the freezer ... I think I'll survive the weekend indoors. ;p

Supposed to be +9C on Tuesday.