September 23rd, 2011

The Librarian

A shiny new book!

Today my copy of Ysolda Teague's Little Red in the City arrived. Looks very impressive on the first flip-through and I can see why it's getting excellent reviews in the knitting world. There are only seven sweater patterns in its 264 pages and those patterns are fairly basic designs. Ysolda is already a noted knitting pattern designer, but the bulk of this book is all about fitting (ooo ... I like the sound of that "knittingfittingknittingfittingknittingfittingknittingfitting ... fitting knitting! sorry ... looooong day today) Loads of info on different ways to incorporate shaping into stitches, how to determine which shaping and how much of it goes where, plus each of the patterns is written in a minimum of 15 sizes (some have more) and span 71-153 cm/28-60 inch bust measurement. All seven are knitted seamlessly from the top down which means one can keep trying on the garment to check the fit/position/appearance of neckline, shoulders, sleeves, and bust/torso as you go instead of having to waiting until it's finished to find out if it fits. Next best thing to having the designer right beside you! :-)