September 11th, 2011

The Librarian

A lazy day ...

... that turned out not to be the scorcher that was threatened yesterday (always a pleasant surprise). Phoned Mom and chatted, including sharing the ice cream bread recipe (like me she has a strong science background and was intrigued by how it worked) and finding out that she would be happy to have a Pembroke shawl in the same wool I used for myself (the magenta chunky lace creation I made for myself recently), so that'll be another skein of yarn out of my stash basket ... must finished burning her "Cabin Pressure" CDs so I can mail 'em together. Then indulged in purchasing the download of season 1 of Nebulous and happily listened to those eps (two of which I'd somehow missed hearing on BBC, so those were new to me) this morning while futzing around with my bilingual subject heading stuff; this is tool-building for work, which I confess is an OCD habit of mine that predates my current job; there is an already-existing way for my team to access this info but it's sloooow ... what I'm creating is faster, with multiple paths to the data. And this is what those little "reward" envelopes I've received from work in the past pay for ... part of my job description is that I'm to ensure that my team has all the tools they need to get high-quality work done efficiently (and our need for this is gonna drastically increase soon, as the company has added a French section to one of the book showrooms over the summer).

Once the "Nebulous"-fest was over, I abandoned the computer for reading and music ... started and am now halfway through Charles Stross' Rule 34 and loving it! Brief break for minimal dinner prep (toss a handful of fresh green beans, a few sliced carrots and diced leftover ham steak into steam basket for a quickly heated dinner-in-a-bowl) and back to the reading (with the lights on now ... getting dark very early which makes me suspect the rain forecast for Tuesday might be coming in ahead of schedule).

Also took a few minutes to transplant my Cherries & Cream African violet into a larger flowerpot ... something it's been needing for a while, but it's been either pouring rain or too damn hot outside all summer (I prefer to keep potting soil operations and their inevitable escape/mess out on the balcony); part of its tuberous root broke off during the operation, but it was less than half so hopefully not fatal. Transplanting usually scares the thing into flowering like crazy, but it might not this time if it's suffering from root trauma. Ah well ... we shall see.
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