July 29th, 2011

The Librarian

More for the to-read pile

Two new books joined my collection today! The first is H. Beam Piper's Junkyard Planet, which I've not read before ... that'll be a lovely lazy day read. :-)

The second was a surprise ... co-worker from Returns department showed up at my desk with a copy of A Stitch in Time, vol. 1 and asked if I wanted it ... for a mere $5.75!!! It does pay to be the workplace's knitting guru (I'm not the fastest or the most skilled, but I appear to have the greatest understanding of the underlying engineering which makes me good at interpretation/troubleshooting for others). Normally I figure that there's a spot reserved in Shepherd Book's special hell for client libraries that order nonreturnable books (in this instance an import from the U.K.) and then change their minds and decide they don't want them after all ... which means my company either swallows the cost or, very rarely, is lucky enough that it's something that's suitable to sell in the clearance section of our showroom (though that only recoups 4-5 bucks rather than the actual cost) ... but I'll make an exception and allow Shepherd Book's special purgatory in this case. I'd never heard of this particular title before, but after a flipthrough I would have happily paid full price ... it's a treasure trove of stitch patterns and techniques, and I love that it reprints the original 1920s-40s illustrations and instructions in their entirety as well as the translated-into-modern terminology how-to and photos of modern remakes of the garments. There are some very scary things in there, but also some timelessly lovely ones that I would happily wear.

And there a volume 2 coming out shortly ... I may just have to buy that ...
The Librarian

Elann.com is being an evil temptationy thing again ...

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