June 29th, 2011

The Librarian

Oh, YUM!!!!

Just got an email that a major upgrade of my book cataloguing software (the one I use at home for my personal library) is imminent ... the sneak preview looks wonderful! Full unicode instead of partial, pseudonym x-refs, and all kinds of other tweaks and enhancements to make a cataloguer feel positively giddy!

My inner geek is now jumping up and down from a combination of joy and I-want-it-now! impatience. ;p
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The Librarian

Summer "snow"

Man! Three days of sun instead of overcast/rain, and the cottonwood trees have gone wild! Seedbearing fluff is acccumulating up on my screens (it clings like velcro and then builds up in layers) and filling the air with "flurries." And there's still tons of the stuff waiting to leave the mothertree outside (couldn't get a good photo of that because of sun glare on the camera, but there are massive globs of fluffies hanging from all the burst catkins). Allergy meds are gonna be flying off the drugstore shelves today ...

The Librarian


Yeah, three days without rain and we've gone from pleasant summer temps to sticky hot and muggy. And the cottonwood fluff seeks out and clings to any trace of moisture ... including human skin. You can tell I've just been outside, can't you? Skipped outdoor errands yesterday because of heat/humidity ... who knew yesterday's 26 would climb to today's 29C? (Environment Canada sure didn't) Ah well ... another load of cardboard recycling has gone out of here (the extended cold followed by the extended rain this year led to accumulation in my domain). Now have eggs again (plus more ice cream). Every stitch of clothing I own was laundered and put away as of yesterday, except for what I was actually wearing and a couple of things that need an encounter with the iron (they're clean, just wrinkled). Plus pulled out some stuff I haven't worn for a while to put in clothing donation bins that are beside recycling bins; noted today that they've finally made a pickup so there should be room IN those bins again ... hate so much seeing donations get ruined because they're stacked on the ground due to overflow. But don't wanna go back out of my cool lair today ... tomorrow is supposed to be somewhat cooler (and that gives me a chance to winnow out the back end of the closet)

It's not been all work ... have put in a decent amount of loafing, reading, playing with and updating/improving my collection databases, browsing through my HTML manuals (I gather that there is NO way to put automatic numbering on the rows of a table? Damn!), watching DVDs I haven't watched in a while, and whizzing along on newly-cast-on project ... love it when a yarn's self-patternings (colourful swirls in this case) start to magically appear ...

The Librarian

That was nice

Just back from spur of the moment dinner out with friend ... an excuse to try out the new Italian restaurant across the street. Appetizers and FABULOUS Caesar salad (depressed appetites due to heat) ... according to hostess their policy is to make all their sauces and dressings on the spot from fresh ingredients and tastebuds say that their chefs are very VERY good at this (excellent chunky tomato sauce on my meatballs and I normally don't get particularly excited about tomatoes in any form, so that says something). And they must have an indoor herb garden because there were freshly-picked mint leaves garnishing the desserts (mine was divine chocolate gelato) ... the only form of mint I love ... YUM!

And cooler outside when we left ... temp is down 6-7 degrees from when I went out earlier this afternoon, so much more comfortable now. :-)