June 22nd, 2011

The Librarian


Happy dancing because word from the Canadian dealer is that their shipment of Darn Pretty Needles interchangeables is FINALLY on its way. I reserved a set way back in January ... the wait was longer than expected but well worth it (the needle company got SWAMPED with thousands of orders and since there's just one guy handmaking the needles one-by-one it's taken him a wee while to work his way down the sudden and massive list)

Figured I should add some extra padding to protect these precious items when they travel cross-country to me, so 1500 yards of Polwarth Silk (75% wool, 25% silk) in a colourway called "Curse Your Sudden But Inevitable Betrayal" is also coming to live with me. Dealer demonstrated tonight exactly why she has so many devoted fans ... when I ordered the yarn, she emailed back that the two 750 yard skeins they had in stock were not exactly the same (well, in her words, they're "a horrible match") so she's going to custom dye a perfectly matched pair of skeins for me rather than send the mismatched stock! Will definitely be ordering more from her in future. :-)