June 11th, 2011

The Librarian

Saturday fun

Off to The Loop's grand opening today ... fortunately shopping will be limited by:

a) size of canvas shopping bag (though I just got a new one at work yesterday which is larger than my usual fave

b) mass/weight of loot I'm actually willing to lug between buildings and bus stops (plus having to allow space for picking up a parcel on the way out ... which must be my long LONG awaited copy of "The Zombie Hunters, volume 1", since I'm not aware of anything else currently in shipment ... and a few necessary groceries on the way back)

c) carrying an umbrella (it's 9:00 a.m., I'm near an east-facing window, and I have to have the light on to be able to see my keyboard ... THAT's how dark and threatening the sky is right now)
The Librarian

And back again ...

... with a small fortune in yarn loot, but OH so worth it! Fellow knitter/coworker (the Swedish one who knows tommdroid's town) arrived with her also-knitter daughter while I was there so we had fun coveting together. Photos later if we get some daylight (which is allegedly supposed to happen toward the end of this afternoon ... I'll believe it when I see it).

Package turned out not to be Zombie Hunters book ... anotheranon, the books are arrived home safe and sound. Glad you took your time to enjoy them to the fullest. :-)

And now ... lunch!


Primarily different weights of sock yarns (for different thicknesses of socks); last photo is a heavier/sweaterish weight of the divine Malabrigo in superwash form (People build altars to and worship this stuff. No, I'm not kidding)

The blue-purple and pink socks yarns in the second photo are for a someday project (with the current popularity of self-patterning, variegated, and colour-change sock yarns, it's wise to snatch up the rare solid colours when one sees them)