June 4th, 2011

The Librarian

There and back again

Off to the other end of the block with recycling this morning (the bins are at the far end of the strip mall) ... mainly yogurt and milk containers, with a few bits and pieces of cardboard. Followed by homeward trip across the shop fronts with grocery stops: milk from the drug store; custom-sliced, fresh-baked bread and apple turnovers from the bakery; cheese smokies and thick pork chops from the butcher; cabbage rolls and brandy cappucino mix from the Polish Deli. And now home and snug from the gloom and threat of rain (we did have a handful of warm, sunny days but those have moved east), with yummy stuff to eat and drink and Farscape: Scorpius, vol. 2, the rest of Recycled, and my very first Charles Stross book to read (thanks to all of you who recommended him ... looks GOOD!). May force myself to do a bit of knitting too. ;-) And I did bring book notes home yesterday so a new catdesk should appear sometime this weekend.