May 3rd, 2011

The Librarian

Mourn for us ...

Bushwannabe got a majority government this time. This is why I heartily dislike people who wed a party for life or vote for whatever party all their ancestors voted for instead of evaluating every party and candidate anew for every single election (mind you, I guess that makes me a "hereditary voter" too, since this is what my parents did and taught me to do ... and as far as I know, my mother still does this). I say this 'cause it's difficult for me to believe that an actual thinking being would vote for a party that has distinguished itself by being the first government in Canadian history to be held in contempt of Parliament (for breaking the law).

On the plus side, the NDP had a serious hike in their number of seats won and have become the Official Opposition for the first time, and the Green Party gained their very first seat

P.S. Majority/minority government 101 for those who aren't used to this system: Whichever party gets voted into the most seats in Parliament gets to be the government of Canada. Whichever party wins the second greatest number of seats is the Official Opposition ... they are responsible for coordinating criticism and questioning of the governing party. When the winning party's number of seats is less than the total of seats won by all other parties then they are a minority government ... if the other parties join forces, they can overrule the governing party and can also, if necessary, pass a no-confidence motion and force a new election whether the governing party wants one or not. If the winning party's number of seats is greater than the total of seats won by all other parties then they are a majority government ... the combination of the other parties cannot outvote them. This time the Conservatives hold 167 seats, the other parties combined hold 141 seats (so it was a fairly close race)