March 25th, 2011

The Librarian

A week of accomplishment!

Dunno if it was something in the air or the water, the extra daylight, the iron boost from eating kale hash three times this week, or just that it's a different kind of freezing cold outside (only a few degrees below freezing with majorly high humidity instead of the usual -20C or lower), but it was a good, nay, fantabulous week for problem solving at work. Solutions for three different client spine label layouts that I've been stalled on for ages suddenly came as glorious revelations ... and they all are virtually indistinguishable from the formatting in the external label program! This means we can now run these spine labels from the catalogue records we create instead of handtyping them ... a little extra preliminary formatting, but no more typos! And overall, it's a faster process ... there are ways to shortcut once one is familiar with the essential steps and why they are essential. Plus managed to FINALLY pry Z39.50 info out of our biggest client (they said "yes" ages ago, but their IT folk kept stalling) so we can whip through our pre-cataloguing bookcheck by searching their catalogue with our own software instead of theirs (they have what is probably the most horrifically user-hostile and time-consumingly sloooooow library software in existence). So, within one week, some major efficiencies suddenly at our fingertips ... just in time too, as biggest client did a huge ordering blitz recently and we're waiting for the bookalanche to hit us.

All meaningless to most of you I know, but I am one VERY happy cataloguing team leader today! And that joy is gonna infect my entire weekend! (which will involve a new Brian Fagan book, a couple of freshly-acquired BBC Radio show CDs, that brightly-coloured knitting, and enjoying the still-winter-weather from the right side of the windows.