February 21st, 2011

The Librarian

Not my assigned letter ...

... but found it while digging for the others ... have always adored Grier Coppins' modern approach to piping, both back in the Rare Air days and with his current band, Taxi Chain.

"Death of a Space Piper" by Rare Air

Shame "Snake McMurray", from the same CD, isn't posted ... it's a gem. Shall have to see if I can figure out how to load sound-only into YouTube, but that can wait 'til morning (long weekend here, so I get to stay home and play!)
The Librarian

A new computer skill learned! Easy once figured out. :-)

One of those love-at-first-listen songs (well, not so much a song as a story and a tune) when I first heard it played on the radio many years ago ... promptly sought out and bought the CD. :-)

Snake McMurray, by Rare Air (from their "Space Piper" CD)

Giving you a link instead of an embed because that lets me use settings that give me some access control
The Librarian

A little snack ...

Have been photographing self-sewn items from my closet, as I'm working on registering these and my pattern collection in my My Sewing Circle account ... gratifying to discover that, despite my not sitting down to the sewing machine for a while, I do have a decent number of homemades in my wardrobe. Shan't inflict projects past on you, but thought some of you would get a chuckle out of the fabric of one of my favourite vests. ;-)

Cookies 'n' Milk fabric Cookies 'n' Milk fabric

It's been fun, over the years, having people come up to tell me how cute it is ... then they get a GOOD look ... ***EVIL GRIN***