February 11th, 2011

The Librarian

Why postal rates go up

Three, count 'em, THREE different Canada Post parcel delivery attempts to my address at three different times today. Two out of the three were successful ... as in there were two boxes leaning against my door and one parcel notice dated today and marked for pickup available tomorrow in my mailbox (which means that driver must have encountered the local letter carrier before they got to my building and handed it over ... normally a parcel notice goes through the system and arrives in the following day's mail, so that goodies can be collected on the day the notice is received)

Murphy's law just had to participate though ... good stuff in the boxes I did get (of course it's good stuff, I ordered it), but the one item I really REALLY wanted for tonight ... that I'd all day been anticipating listening to ('cause tracking had told me it would be showing up today) ... that, of course, is the one that the notice is for: the CD box set of all seven seasons of Old Harry's Game!

Still, listening to the Beatles and Bill Cosby (remastered CD replacements for older, rather decrepit, formats in my collection) is a fairly reasonable substitute.
The Librarian

And the greatest spoof of all ...

Shakespearean Baseball: the last "edition" filmed (not complete, unfortunately ... this is an edited down version that was part of a memorial special broadcast after Johnny Wayne's death)

And the 1958 original (complete, as far as I know):

Wayne and Shuster would polish and refilm their favourite sketches for new generations of viewers ... there were at least three tv versions of "Rinse the Blood Off My Toga" as well as the original radio performance ("Shakespearean Baseball" was also originally on radio)