February 2nd, 2011

The Librarian

A very good day!

Today was Day Two of workplace's annual inventory and audit. It all obviously went quite well ... we were summoned together at 11:00 a.m. and told "Good job, go home!" So I've a midweek afternoon free to do relaxing fun stuff! Which will have to start with a trip to the grocery store ... I'm hungry, everything here needs proper cooking, and I forgot to thaw dinner meat.

P.S. Weather is lovely ... the suddenly-two-days-earlier chinook blew in right on schedule yesterday and my balcony thermometer is showing +4C at the moment. Gonna take a long while for the snow and ice to disappear though.


Mentioned yesterday that I'd been wearing a coat of my own making as well as stuff I'd knitted; I sewed it many many years ago, long before digital cameras and online image sharing, and writing that made me realize that it has never had its photo taken. Rectified that this afternoon ... here's my beloved penguin coat (brown/black/white polar fleece with a vivid fuchsia lining and bearclaw buttons). While I was at it, dug out the pattern (Simplicity 9287) so I could add it to the My Sewing Circle database and now have a renewed desire to sew myself more coats from it ... I'd forgotten it was a "Design Your Own Jacket" pattern with all kinds of options/variations on the basic garment. The coat itself is a very comfortable cut ... loose without being baggy, with room for layers underneath if needed for extra-chill weather.