January 21st, 2011

The Librarian


Gotta LOVE a yarn company that names a red colourway "Don't Wear This On Star Trek" (scroll down a bit to see it)

Like the "Vicious Penguin" colourway too ... unfortunately that one's sold out. :-(

P.S. The reason I was in this site ... this is the new and only Canadian dealer for the Darn Pretty Needles interchangeables and their blog gave their sample set a fantastic review. They also e-respond to queries almost the second they're sent ... I now have a set of needles in the Sunrise colourway reserved!!!
The Librarian

The turning of the seasons ...

Wouldja believe our weather has turned warm enough (a few degrees above freezing) that it was RAINING! when I left work tonight? Not pouring or a shower ... just spitting ... but most definitely rain, not snow.

Probably have a thunderstorm with hail next week ... ;p