January 15th, 2011

The Librarian


Took a break from actual knitting this evening to root around a bit in my stash ... looking at the "inventory" on my Ravelry page is one thing, but tactile/visual reacquaintance gets me thinking about what I intended to do/should do with various skeins. One thing is mittens ... while I own two lovely, cozy pairs of fleece gloves that have never failed to keep my hands toasty on our most frigid days, in reality (and in this climate) one should really have a greater supply of spares. So decided to e-buy a pattern I'd been admiring while it's still available ... double knitted reversible mittens (now that I've been working brioche stitch for my new afghan, I comprehend how the next stage, which is double knitting, works ... logical next step is to test that comprehension on something small)

So get to the buy-the-pattern page and discover that the designer is having a buy 2 patterns, get a 3rd free. So, since I do love her designs and learning to knit gloves is on the to-do list (after mittens), what the heck ... So, for my eight Euros, I now own the multi-size instructions for:

Autumn Leaves
Entangled Stitches

(yeah, those last two might look scary but I know how to do cables and twists ... they aren't hard at all ... it's just the joining and gusseting of fingers to hand that'll be new to me)

Now to give some more thought to just how to cram at least eight more hobby hours into each day ...

Knitting progress ...

(taking advantage of the sun actually being out) The afghan has grown larger, Citron has gained another band of colour, and some of that newly-acquired Stärke 6 snuck onto the needles when I wasn't looking. ;-)

Plus I finally found a decent how-to for grafting pattern stitches together ... one that actually TELLS you how instead of claiming to and then tapdancing around the whole problem (all knitting books tell you how to graft knit stitches to knit stitches, which is how one closes the toes of handknitted socks, but they all avoid the whole issue of combinations of knit/purl stitches). Now I've incentive to get back to work on my red hooded scarf ... I'd been stalling because the cables on the hood have to be grafted together and I didn't want my lovely pattern to have an ugly join.