January 14th, 2011

The Librarian

The end is in sight!

Our current deep freeze is forecast to start easing off over the weekend ... today's high was -22C (it's -24C right now) and by Thursday we're to hit +9C! Man, I LOVE chinooks!

Shall still be a good weekend to stay snuggled indoors and do fibre-related things ... there was a fat envelope containing three issues of Knitter's Magazine in my mailbox tonight (2 back issues plus the current 100th issue), so there's those to browse through, as well as the assortment of projects-on-the-needles that have colonized half the couch. And, if I need a break from the yarny goodness, I've a shiny new copy of the second volume of Stephen Fry's autobiography: The Fry Chronicles, which looks to be just as fascinating a read as volume one (Moab Is My Washpot).