November 28th, 2010

The Librarian

Seeing last night's Worms post this morning ...

... reminds me that there's finally a Canadian distributor for Trevor's books (he's the one who can really hold a note): Very Grimm Fairy Tales and Get Stupid!. Since they're listing prices in Euros it's a pretty safe assumption that they're willing to ship to Europe ... I recall that one of my buddies over there was coveting a copy of the fairy tales (pretty sure it was zappo).

P.S. Maple Music also stocks every Worms CD ever recorded and the DVD of the Edmonton concert (the best bit isn't on YouTube ... Chris' Céline Dion impersonation is a must-see), plus the recordings of just about every other Canadian artist in existence.

Knitting progress

I figure right now is the brightest daylight we're going to see today. Working on second head-sized ball of yarn now ...

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