November 18th, 2010

The Librarian

'tis definitely winter ... for the next few days anyway ...

Low tonight is supposed to be -23C, then temps bouncing between -16C and -20C for the next few days, 'til we hit a balmy (and far more "normal") -4C on Wednesday. However, thanks to my little sticks'n'string hobby, wool socks and scarves have been serving well. Possibly a bit too well, since I was sweating when I got to work this morning!

In honour of the season I've been ignoring all my smaller on-the-needles projects and cast on an afghan a few nights ago, which has been zooming right along (after so many tiny needle projects, it's astonishing how fast something on big needles goes). There's actually some logic to this switching to yet another new project ... I figure turning four head-sized balls of yarn into something foldable will gain me quite a bit of space in the yarn storage baskets (plus I finally hit upon the perfect noncurling, 100% reversible stitch to use for the thing). Piccies on the weekend when I'll see some daylight ... right now it's dark when I go to work and twilight is beginning when I head homewards.