October 29th, 2010

The Librarian

Back to school ...

Been a long time since I was on the learning side of a classroom instead of the teaching side, but today I (and three other members of my cataloguing team) spent the afternoon at an introductory session for RDA, a major rewrite of international cataloguing standards/rules that is supposed to kick into action early next year. Tons of useful information scribbled down ... this afternoon was FAR more useful than the official webinars, which tend to be about how wonderfully the expensive online RDA manual has been programmed than about the content of said manual.

Quite interesting to learn that, after all the build-up and fooferaw, it's still possible that the entire thing could be shot down. Mainly riding on Library of Congress' decision about it ... if they decide they don't like the new rules, then, since most North American libraries get their cataloguing information from LC, virtually nobody else will adopt it either. So we could be getting all excited/stressed about nothing.

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Gonna put in some weekend time whipping all my scribbles into a quick outline for my team, and hopefully getting started on charting the big changes into a new section of my department's internal webpage. Funfunfun!!!

But first things first ... today's mail included the newly-published volume six of Empowered and I do think reading that takes priority over note transcription. ;-) And I brought home a fresh wad of book notes for catdesk ... need to get the new list for that posted as well.